Manitowoc County Master Gardeners Garden Walk

Event Information


July 15th, 2017


For more information, contact Linda Gratz at 920-682-8373 or Sue Elliott 920-323-1419

2017 Garden Walk

Presented by:

Manitowoc County University of Wisconsin-Extension

Master Gardener Volunteers

Saturday, July 15, 2017

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – Rain or Shine

Adults and Children over 10 Welcome (no pets please)

Donation: $10.00


All Manitowoc area locations:

Linda & Pat Brandel 3310 Lindbergh Dr.

Kris & Don Cisler 4261 Springhill Dr.

Jayne & Larry Hagman 1003 Waldo Blvd.

Katie Janda 2221 Markham St.

Vicki &Curt Rissling 1316 S. 31st St

Jim & Jennifer Talley 839 Indian Creek Dr.

Bernie & John Zimmer 1014 River Ct.

Tickets with maps available at the gardens on the day of the Walk

Event Location

  1. Jim and Jennifer Talley- 839 Indian Creek Dr., Manitowoc

We purchased our beautiful home 4 years ago, and not only was it our very first home, but also our dream home! We loved the pretty perennial gardens in front of and around the back of the house, but honestly knew very little about gardening.  So, we were both intimidated and inspired by it.  Shortly after moving in, we made the decision to also purchase the lot behind it, which at the time, was nothing but weeds, unleveled ground, and dirt.  Through our own research, trial and error, experimenting, adding and splitting, we think we have it looking pretty darn good!  For two people who have never really gardened, we’re very proud of our work and the beautiful outcome!

  1. Bernie and John Zimmer- 1014 River Court, Manitowoc

Our garden is a small backyard garden hemmed in by woods and dry stone retaining walls. The stone walls are part of its uniqueness.  Stones, large and small are scattered throughout, including some large outcropping rocks in the front.  Because of the woods, there is considerable shade, so hostas and ferns are much in evidence.  Annuals are used mainly in containers; perennials are prevalent. Some of the perennials are more than 50 years old, moved to this garden from a Lincoln Boulevard garden 45 years ago. * Directions: From N. 8th St. take Cleveland east to the corner of 5th, bear left on Hawthorne then turn left on Lawton and right on Fenway to River Ct.

  1. Jayne and Larry Hagman- 1003 Waldo Blvd. Manitowoc

Our gardens started simply enough. The East Garden was the first and grew so well it helped create the West Garden. Our backyard, our last garden, is called our Memory Garden and was created in memory of our loved ones who passed.  Variety is the key with many types of hostas, perennials, and annuals.  With the eclectic yard art, our yard is a relaxing retreat.

  1. Katie Janda- 2221 Markham St. Manitowoc

A Labor of Love- My garden is like a park to me, relaxing and enjoyable. It is exciting to watch and see the changes that have happened day to day.  It also makes everyone who comes over happy.  It puts joy into the day.  Forty five years ago it was just a small flowerbed on the back of the house, but it just kept growing and still does.  It is a real ray of sunshine.

  1. Linda and Pat Brandel 3310 Lindbergh Dr. Manitowoc

Our yard is a combination of annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees, creating interest both horizontally and vertically. The side yard has an overlook of the ravine as well as a rustic fire pit.  Look for the backyard “secret garden”, a haven for birds and butterflies, as well as a quiet area for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

  1. Kris and Don Cisler- 4261 Springhill Dr. Manitowoc

When we purchased our home in July of 2003 it was situated on a pretty much barren lot. The landscape work started almost immediately.  There are now defined edges throughout the yard –no straight lines –only sweeping curves.  This invites the eye to wander, makes distances seem longer, and makes one wonder what may lie ahead.  This and many evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs are the backbone of this landscape.  Because there are different elevations in the yard, rocks–some could be defined as boulders–were used to create retaining walls.  We wanted to use rocks, rather than retaining blocks, to keep a more natural feel.  * Directions: Heading west on Meadow Lane, turn left to stay on Meadow Lane where Broadway heads downhill.  At the next fork, bear right on Springhill drive.

  1. Vicki and Curt Rissling- 1316S. 31st Street Manitowoc

Where old meets new, and creativity has no bounds. Charming bird houses, an abundance of watering cans in all shapes and sizes, a quaint fairy garden, a vast array of annuals and perennials, all watched over by a variety of birds and even some wise old owls.  Towering clematis, a rolling raised vegetable garden and many other unique features.  There’s a lot going on in this small space

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